About Us

From Nigeria to the Heart of California

Let’s explore Neyipac Entertainment, a journey that began in Nigeria. Founded by Nehemiah Omoniyi Ubaga, a spirited Nigerian immigrant passionate about storytelling, our Company emerged from humble beginnings in a family church. From those grassroots, our distinctive style and commitment to excellence soon made waves, leading us from local acclaim to the bustling media landscape of Los Angeles, CA.

Creating Stories in High-End Resolutions

At Neyipac Entertainment, we aren’t just content creators but artisans and story creators in the highest resolutions. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual excellence has set us apart. Whether it’s the emotional depth in our wedding videography or the dynamic energy in our music videos, expect narratives that don’t just unfold but come to life in stunning clarity.

The Electrifying Team Behind the Lens

Meet the minds behind Neyipac Entertainment—our young, skilled professionals who live and practice creativity. With Dayo’s expert videography and Jay’s passion for photography, our team is a powerhouse of talent. Together, we bring an electrifying energy to every project, ensuring that each frame tells a story and happiness.

Rise of a Nigerian Community Icon

What began as a personal journey has changed into Neyipac Entertainment, becoming the favorite media company in the Los Angeles, California Nigerian community. Our growth is evidence of our dedication to continuous improvement, marked in our participation in workshops and conferences. Today, we proudly stand as a world-class production company, passionately serving our community.

Data-Driven Innovation

Neyipac Entertainment isn’t just about visuals; we are pioneers of innovation with our data analysis services. Leveraging insights for optimal business operations, we ensure our clients get visually stunning content and strategic solutions for media optimization.